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Personalised private session for you according to your needs to ensure that yoga is suitable to your personal conditions.
Such as yoga therapy, trauma-informed yoga, or for various circumstances such as learning Tantra or Ashtanga on a one-to-one basis.
Sessions can be either online or in-person, in case commuting to the studio is difficult.
Anam Cara will create a private session to suit your needs and schedule.


Private lessons are conducted online and are tailored to each individual's pace and needs. We can discuss and develop a program based on your preferences, such as learning Ashtanga Yoga or Tantra Yoga, or if you have difficulty learning in group classes.. If necessary, teaching can also be done in a studio, but please be aware that time availability will depend on the studio's schedule and there will be additional studio rental fees.

Please contact me after book this service

Private Lesson

Price Options
One-time purchase
Regular Lessons
4 lessons weekly
£12.00every week for 4 weeks
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