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Community Yoga & Meet up
Date: Every Month 1st Sunday
Time 11:00 - 12:30
Location: Art and Spirituality
Duration: 45min Yoga + 30-40mins Tea time
All Level
Kids and Family also welcome!
No Japanese language skill needed
Come and join to make new friends Yoga in Japanese and English
After the Yoga session there is a tea time to have a chat

This is once a month event, social based yoga class
The event provide a tea time after yoga class and tea and snacks are included in the class fee.

(And it's half price when you bring a snacks to share with everyone)

Also don't worry about even though you've never studied Japanese before,
I will conduct both English and Japanese.
Also you do not need to know any Japanese language or culture to join the event.

This is because the event is intended mainly for socialising and meeting other people.


Community-based Nihongo yoga provides yoga classes in Japanese for people who are interested in Japanese culture. This type of yoga is designed for people to come together and enjoy yoga with their local community or with like-minded individuals. We would go through yoga sequences together as well as learn simple Japanese phrases, with no prior language skills required. Learning yoga together can help deepen connections, share information, communicate, and provide mutual empathy and support among multiple individuals.

I used to look forward to the time I spent time in a café with these participants after attending a yoga class. This was a great opportunity to hear about the different participants' lives outside of the yoga class.

Those studying Japanese in the UK sometimes only have the opportunity to speak Japanese in the class.
By taking part in social meetings like this, you have the chance to come into more contact with the Japanese language and get to know more about other people.
As a Japanese teacher and yoga teacher, I believe that events like this can give a lot of people more fun than just studying or doing yoga.

Nihongo Yoga

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